Small is the new big…

If there’s one expression of church that’s fully corona-proof, it’s simple church! Simple church is ‘church light’ and it can happen anywhere. No need for buildings, church services or money.

Simple churches are like dandelions… the seeds spread on the wind of God’s Spirit and can land anywhere and bring forth new life.

With a growth trend of 20% annually and a commitment to reach and disciple not-yet-believers, simple church planting is one of the most fruitful strategies in the mission to re-evangelize Europe. The values of simply following Jesus, committed friendships, and creativity in missions, appeal to an emerging generation. The small groups of 3-20 people can be easily started and reproduced.

On this website we collected the best resources to help you start, develop and multiply a simple church network.

Our resource section contains:

  • the results of a survey held among 48 simple church networks in 16 nations in Europe, giving insight in the types of networks and which of these are most effective;
  • an overview of all simple church training hubs and resource websites in Europe;
  • our shortlist of the 10 best books on simple church;
  • the 10 best long reads and summaries on simple church.
  • inspiring bonus material.

Especially this last section, the long reads and summaries, offers enormous value. It pulls together the key insights and lessons learnt by the most effective practitioners in the field. This includes Curtis Sergeant, David Garrison, Roland Allen, Peter Farmer, Neil Cole, Larry Kreider, Bill Schneider, Roger Gehring and Dick Scoggins.

As a bonus we also included summaries of Malcolm Gladwell’s classic book ‘The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference’ and Ori Brafman & Rod Beckstrom’s ‘The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations’.

You receive access to all these materials if your make a donation to Simple Church Europe. You can use our donation page for this. In the confirmation e-mail of your donation you receive a unique password with which you can immediately access the resource section of this website.

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